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Ruslan Biryukov : My Cellos

After performances, many of Ruslan's audience members have wanted to know more about his instruments. After much thought, he has decided to write about his beloved celli.

Ruslan's ContrerasFor many years, I have played on "loaned instruments and bows." However, I no longer perform on loaned instruments and bows anymore! You may wonder why: Experience has taught me how very painful and damaging it can be for the careers of musicians, when loaned instruments are suddenly and mercilessly recalled by "arts lovers" or "collectors" -- at times, even right before the artist's perhaps most important performances.

I really appreciate the generosity of the benefactors who have made their instruments and bows available for my use as well as for other musicians. Without their help, many young artists (including myself!) would not have the experience of learning our craft on great instruments. At the same time, I am truly happy to be in a position where I can perform on my very own instruments. As one great musician has taught me: "You must have the following three things of your own: first, your cello; second, your wife; and third, your toothbrush!"

I have three cellos. At the moment, my favorite instrument is a cello made by Christian Pabst (2000). It is such an amazing piece of art that I cannot stop playing on it, and it is currently reserved for my personal use. My two other beloved cellos are made by Mathias Neuner (1803) and Contreras (1791). When I am not using those instruments, they are on loan on and off to my friends, students and great musicians.

To see pictures and hear sound samples of these fine instruments, please explore the following links.